FIRST AIRED: November 28, 2018

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>> Congressional Democrats on Wednesday are likely to pick minority leader, Nancy Pelosi to take up the gavel as Speaker of the House of Representatives when the 115th Congress begins in January.>> I intend to win the speakership with Democratic votes. I have overwhelming support in my caucus to be Speaker of the House.
>> But while no Democrats have stepped forward to challenge the 78-year-old California law maker, more than a dozen have said they want new leadership.>> I think that if our party answers that call for change, that we've heard across the country by reinstalling the same status quo leadership team that we have in place since 2006.
I mean, we're failing the American people.>> At least one dissatisfied Democrat this week telling reporters that rebels in the party could vote with Republicans in the New Year, and deny Pelosi the position.>> How do you feel about your chances for becoming->> I feel very good about it.
>> It's unclear whether there are enough dissident Democrats to deny Pelosi the Speaker's gavel in January, but her nomination on Wednesday puts Pelosi on track to retake the coveted role in the chamber.>> It's now my privilege to present the gavel of the United States House of Representatives to the first woman Speaker in our history, the gentle lady from California, Nancy Pelosi.
>> She first took the gavel in 2007 before handing it back to Republicans four years later. Democrats racked up a decisive victory in this month's congressional elections, gaining at least 38 seats in the House with several races still undecided. NBC News calculating that the Democrats won the largest margin of votes in midterm election in US history, with an 8.8 million vote lead over Republicans.
Some analysts crediting Pelosi for keeping candidates focused on issues, such as protecting healthcare, that won over educated suburban white voters.