FIRST AIRED: November 29, 2018

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you're okay chatting to Siri or Alexa, meet Furhat, putting an expressive face to the voice assistant.>> Hello, world.>> It's developers promising we'll not only warm to Furhat->> And I'm a social robot->> We're going to trust it, because it's not a person, it's a robot.
And doesn't judge.>> I mean, we've seen research that shows that people are in certain situations more comfortable opening up and talking about difficult issues with a robot compared to a human. Cuz you meet a robot its people don't perhaps see that the robot has judgements or prejudice, or pre-perceived and notions about them.
So you're more comfortable opening up to it compared to talking to a human.>> Please tell me your flight number.>> JJ8071.>> This is Furhat at Frankfurt airport acting as a multilingual help desk. But it can do more. How about interviewing prospective staff without bias or discrimination.
Or even questioning patients in a clinic.>> The robot canchange its age, or gender, or personality, depending on the application. So in a way, we're opening up a new world. Every robot needs a different personality depending on the job it's gonna do.>> I can change my face completely to match what I am supposed to do, like this.
>> Okay, can you sound a bit more female then?>> Yes, of course. I feel much better when my voice matches my face.>> Tapping into the latest developments from gaming, the back projection system allows quick changes of face or personality, mirroring those interacting with it.>> I can't wait to see what other amazing uses will be built for me.
It's all up to your imagination.