FIRST AIRED: December 2, 2018

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As I live and breathe.>> It's been 54 years since Mary Poppins first flew into our cinemas, talking umbrella and bottomless bag in tow. Now, the world's most beloved nanny is back.>> You seem hardly to have aged at all.>> The 1964 Disney Classic starred Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke.
The stars in the new Mary Poppins Returns, walking the red card carpet in Hollywood for the big premiere on Thursday night. Emily Blunt stepping into the prim and magical nanny's big shoes.>> I think the initial fear of taking her on, she looms so large for people and such a massive impact on people's lives, such an iconic character.
And so, how do I honor what Julie Andrews did but yet carve out new space for myself? And so, is Dick Van Dyke here?>> Right here.>> Yes.>> Right there. Do you wanna go and give a hug?>> He's so wonderful.>> You've forgotten what it's like.
>> But nostalgic fans hoping to hear the film's classics Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and a Spoonful of Sugar will have to dig out the original because Mary Poppins returns features all new and original songs.>> It's funny, it's a job that you didn't want anyone else to be able to get, but you're so scared about, if we get it how could we possibly live up to the greatest, classic, iconic song score ever written for a movie musical?
>> Everything is possible.>> Even the impossible.>> Scheduled for release on Dec 19, movie experts expect it to generate around $40 million within the first five days.>> It really is just a trip down nostalgia lane. And paying homage to these incredible movies that we all grew up watching, that are so representative of everything we remember as children.
And yet, we're doing something new. And I think it is a film that's just full of feeling and full of joy.>> Some publications have already pegged it as a possible Oscar contender. And die hard fans will hope it will be practically perfect in every way.