FIRST AIRED: November 30, 2018

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The US army is paving the way for a new generation of super soldiers,
With the help of exoskeletons. They're designed to be worn over a pair of pants and use a suite of sensors and AI to aid natural movement. The experimental technology is being developed by Lockheed Martin in an almost $7 million bid to increase American soldiers' endurance. Lockheed Martin licensed the tech from a Canadian company.
They originally design the suit for people with mobility problems or medical ailments like multiple sclerosis.>> The idea is that we're gonna take the capabilities of some of the fittest, highest performing individuals in the world, and we're going to extend those capabilities.>> The appeal of exoskeleton technology for the US military is clear.
Gear like body armor, night vision goggles, and advance radios are critical but heavy. All up, they can weigh almost two or three times the recommended limit for soldiers. And when infantry troops show up to a fight, they're fatigued from carrying all their equipment. Now with the help of the exoskeletons, soldiers can fight fresh.
>> We're gonna make stronger, we're gonna make them last longer, and we're gonna make them go faster and farther.>> The equipment won't come cheap. Each exoskeleton is expected to cost tens of thousands of dollars. But the US isn't the only country looking to give their troops an upgrade.
Research officials say, Russia and China also have exoskeleton tech in the works.