FIRST AIRED: December 1, 2018

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>> We are talking trade, we're talking defense.>> The leaders of the world's largest economies on Saturday backed an overhaul of the World Trade Organization. The final communique of the G20, came ahead of high stakes talks between the US and China in diffusing a trade war. Reuters Rose Korvin is at the summit.
>> There was a lot of disagreements during the week, on issues like migration, trade and climate change. And the representatives had to work through the night until 6 AM this morning to try and iron out an agreement. And they did. United States is holding out WTO reform as one of the major successes of this year's gathering of the G20.
The US has been pushing for the World Trade Organization to be reformed. It's very unhappy that it has not help China to account for it's trade practices.>> The communique made a passing mentioned of the brewing trade war between the US and China.>> The relationship is very special.
The relationship that I have with President Xi.>> The country's leader sat down Saturday night, to try to find some common ground, but the final statement reveals some stark differences in other areas.>> So in the final communique, the power's accord, climate accord, signatories recommitted themselves to the core, and said there was no going back.
They would fully implement it. The United States reaffirmed its decision to withdraw from Paris Accord, and said that it would continue to use all forms of energy to guarantee it's energy security.>> Apart from trade and climate change, Russia's seizure of Ukrainian vessels drew condemnation from other G20 members.
While the presence of Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman at the summit, amid controversy over the killing of a Saudi journalist, has raised an awkward dilemma for leaders whether to shun or embrace him. This years summit has proved to be a major test for the G20, amid a rise in nationalism.
The group faces doubts over its ability to deal with trade tensions and other geopolitical differences among its members.