FIRST AIRED: September 17, 2018

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North Korea's rolling out its latest propaganda fixation, getting back together with the South. Pyongyang's been pushing the idea to its people before the South's leader visits on Tuesday. Just days before the summit, Kim Jong-un spoke of tearing down a wall of conflict and opening a grand path for unification, according to state media.
But what the North has in store may not be uniting as equals, says Reuters' Soyoung Kim in Seoul.>> South Korea says that North Korea's teaching on unification historically focused on integration based on North Korean ideologies, and a revolution of the South.>> Experts say that's an unlikely outcome, but it's playing well to North Koreans.
One soldier he performed in Kim's military parade last week, told Reuters, how he would describe life in the North to his Southern neighbors.>> I will spread the word on how woeful it is to be in our dear martial Kim Jong-Un's arms.>> Residence in the capital says it is only a matter of time before they reunited with the South.
Will be it for under the watch for lie of government minders who followed the reporters. The state message though is less about being a good neighbor, and more about padding out it's wallet>> Experts say unification is a powerful slogan that give justification for North Korea to urge South Korea to move forward, bilateral relations against external forces for example The United States.
Continuing to emphasis the unity among the Korean people, could be a reflection of Kim Jong-un wanting South Korea to be less hindered by it's US alliance, or international sanctions.>> While the idea is gaining traction across the North, it's a topic that's hardly discussed in the South. Estimates put the North's per capita gross national income as less than 5% that of South Korea.
And the cost of bringing the two sides together could be up to $5 trillion US, with the tab likely being picked up by Seoul. For the South, a push towards peaceful coexistence is far more appetizing than reuniting.