FIRST AIRED: September 27, 2018

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>> Apple, the titan of consumer tech making a deeper push into the more wonky world of enterprise software. Salesforce's founder Marc Benioff announcing the collaboration this week with his signature flare.>> Thank you to Apple now for coming as strategic partner with us.>>
>> Thank you for your leadership Tim Cook. Thank you for fighting for tender equality, Tim Cook. Thank you for fighting for equality and love.>> The announcement coming out the Saleforces' annual conference in San Fransisco called Dreamforce. This year's, the biggest date with the company even taking over one street in San Francisco.
Apple and Salesforce employees together show off Siri's talent.>> Hey Siri, give me may daily briefing.>> Salesforce says, hello. Welcome to your daily briefing.>> But Siri won't have the business sector to herself. Competitors like Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa have also been making in roads into serving businesses.
And at the Marriott demo on stage showing how voice can help businesses serve clients, it was Alexa that took the spotlight.>> Alexa, ask Marriot to find me some fun experiences for that family vacation in Norway.>> But Apple thinks it's edge in the consumer market can translate into the workplace.
Reuters Stephen Nellis spoke Apple CEO, Tim Cook.>> So Apple wants to be able your iPhone all the time. They don't want you to have to take a break for eight hours a day, ten hours a day while you're at work. And that means that they've gotta make the iPhone work for you in the enterprise.
They've been pushing around doing this for years now through partnership with companies like IBM, Accenture, and now Salesforce>> So what might come from this partnership? The companies hope Siri will help businesses serve you better like sending you a digital key for a room directly onto your iPhone.