FIRST AIRED: September 28, 2018

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the meeting between her he's president and German chancellor Angela Merkel was always likely to get difficult and their joint news conference due to go off to a bad start a man wearing the slogan freedom for journalists let out when he tried to shout down five to one relations between the two nations all currently at a very low ebb Germany is angry about it citizens who are imprisoned in Turkey the Turkish government says they have links to US based , %HESITATION land its plans for a failed coup attempt in twenty sixteen so he wants to mend the relationship I could do with all the friends it can get its economy has turned this year with the liver losing nearly forty percent of its value against the dollar it hasn't been helped by the U. S. slapping sanctions on thirty over the detention of the poster and drew Brunson which is Thomas S. which is in Berlin asking a lot of talk about stacking needing to see campaign in a package from Germany %HESITATION from European Union , the two is keen to repair toys it's home to three million ethnic Turks and reliance on Turkey to help contain a migrant crisis beyond Europe's borders on Friday medical said she had pushed for the release of the German citizens she promised that police would look for the suspected coup plotters that Turkey once extradited but the term of the distance she and the other one was still a long way apart on topics including press freedom