FIRST AIRED: October 3, 2018

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>> This was the last flight the made it out of Indonesia's Palu Airport on Friday. Safe in the air, the plane's pilot capturing the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami below.>> I didn't realize that there is an earthquake, but I felt that the aircraft is moving slightly to the right and to the left.
>> He could see the 20 foot waves, perhaps even guess at the carnage that would ensue. But not until later did he learn the sacrifice someone had made to save his life. The air traffic controller on duty, refused to leave the control tower until the plane was airborne.
He didn't survived. 21 year old Anthonius Gunawan Agung is being hailed for his heroic actions. The pilot calling him, my guardian angel, and quoting his last words, runway 33, clear for takeoff.>> He stayed in his positions until the very last of my departure and until the tower was shaking very bad.
Once he make sure that the aircraft departed safely then he jumped from the tower to the lower level.>> The fall broke Agung's arm, leg, and ribs. And though a medical helicopter got to him he later died from his injuries. One of at least 1,200 victims in what's now become a national disaster.
Air Navigation Indonesia said in a statement that it would posthumously raise Agung's rank by two levels as a sign of thanks for his dedication.