FIRST AIRED: September 25, 2018

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across Nigeria the Anglo Dutch companies implementing a strategy aimed at plans in something else its reputation it wants to focus more on oil and gas bills fall off shore away from the spells theft and corruption that played on the show business what does one Bruce are explained especially over the last few years and then a lot of focus on climate and environment and under the new sealed in number than it's been a big topic for him %HESITATION how show is perceived in the world but separating the delta and show which founded Nigeria's oil industry here in the nineteen fifties could prove justice pretty is clearing up the oil spills out still make money there %HESITATION it won't tell us how much but it's pretty obvious that it's still making money so that is also an incentive ultimately I think that there is there's so many problems on the ground there , that show con just get up and leave , through those problems were evident on this trip cell compensated villages to the tune of fifty five million pounds off of the two thousand and eight spills which pump thousands of barrels of oil into the mangrove swamps and creeks around their homes and this makeshift refinery is another legacy issue the ground here is soaked with oil stolen from a shell pipeline even those sellers refused oil production in the delta by seventy percent since two thousand and eleven destined spills have picked up in recent years , oil sector with nine thousand barrels a day in twenty seventeen a loss of nearly a hundred eighteen million dollars and there have been eighty five spills close of this year already more than the previous two so suddenly spill the cold by seven thousand it has taken measures to address the situation , these problems there's another factor what is calculate shell made four billion dollars from Nigerian oil and gas in twenty seventeen a huge chunk of data generated home school giving the company incentive to stay in the delta despite his desire to move off shore