FIRST AIRED: September 22, 2018

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>> PayPal joining the slew of tech companies that have severed ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Hitting his Infowars where it hurts by no longer allowing the site to use the payment processor. Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have all booted Jones off their platforms. PayPal on Thursday night informed Infowars, which runs an online storefront that sells survival gear and herbal supplements, that it has ten business days to find a new payment processor.
A PayPal spokesperson says, a review of the Infowars site showed it promoted hate of discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions. And that violated PayPal's, quote, acceptable use policy. Jones hit back on his website, saying the site had no political content, and the move emphasizes how the decision was a broader attack on the Infowars platform.
Jones is a highly controversial figure who claims the 2012 Sandy Hook Massacre was faked by left wing forces in order to promote gun control. Last month, the website called Right Wing Watch posted a report highlighting PayPal's continued business relationship with Infowars. And the Washington Post also noted how business on the Infowars stores was booming.
The store site still lives on Facebook, Amazon, and eBay, and has an account on Twitter.