FIRST AIRED: May 11, 2019

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this rice processing plant in Venezuela which opened in February was supposed to be the largest in Latin America but it is operating at only one percent capacity back in two thousand and ten the government of Venezuela's late president Hugo Chavez awarded a multi million dollar contract to Chinese construction giant C. M. C. engineering to develop the project promising to create jobs for the hundred and ten thousand residents living in the remote Venice but in state of delta I'm a total by the Caribbean Sea nine years later the plant is barely functioning the jobs haven't materialized the people here still hungry Reuters correspondent Angus Berwick we were able to visit every part of the I recall the projects and we were able to to see that only a tiny fraction of the project was actually operational and stated aim of turning the region into this huge of rice producing clubs feeding them millions of people was effectively never even nearly achieved the paddy fields would never developed account the canals and so that was supposed to irrigate them remember locks in on campus %HESITATION the roads and the bridges of still blue prints %HESITATION the food laboratory was never with with this was never furnished and %HESITATION these in warehouses that would that would hold hundreds of thousands of chickens are on our band well the project is said not to have yielded a single grain of rice grown locally C. M. C. and a select few Venezuelan partners have prospered according to project contracts and sealed court documents that is whether paid C. M. C. at least a hundred million dollars for the project but in a statement the Beijing based company told Reuters the details in assertions in those court documents include quote a large number of inaccuracies but didn't elaborate bad I was it out of the , so is a seventeen year old farmer getting close to the right time I know the name of the community here hasn't had a single benefit not one benefit , the revelations come at a time when the leftist regime founded by Chavez , by president Nicolas Maduro is facing its most serious threat yet , opposition leader one why do who is Randy frustrated Venezuelans against the socialist government that is well and suffer from regular shortages of food power and water basics that were meant to improve to projects like the one in downtown Makoto these projects here show how these funds were squandered either via could corrupt and corruption or the government's incompetence the projects fail is also also show you the despite China's pledge to the term best you know billions in one's developing economies like Venezuela that's something thirty of those pledges turn to actually lead to to real benefits for the people like the Hugo Chavez rice processing project in delta I'm a Google where instead of machinery processing eighteen pounds each our workers are packing rice imported from Brazil by hand rice sacks are emblazoned with Venezuelan and Chinese flags as one local told Reuters Chavez is initial promises seem to like a revolutionary idea but now we're starving