FIRST AIRED: April 30, 2019

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the US trade team up back in Beijing hammering out the final details for what could be a US China trade deal treasury secretary Stephen a new chin and trade representative Robert light Heyse sat down with China's own trade delegation on Tuesday the talks will zero in on a number of issues including intellectual property and force technology transfer and only Tuesday the new chin was upbeat we've made a lot of progress we look forward to meeting , it is also the potential for major snags like other how such a complex deal would be enforced right is Michael Martina explains from Beijing but the real sticking points %HESITATION still seem to be what kind of enforcement mechanism the deal will achieve and %HESITATION whether or not tariffs %HESITATION will remain as leverage in %HESITATION in that deal now US officials including %HESITATION US trade representative light high surf have suggested that keeping some tariffs or perhaps keeping the prospect of applying terrace at a later date %HESITATION would help the United States and share that kind of lived up to its commitments under deal the trade spat between Washington and Beijing is now entering its second year it has cost both economies billions of dollars and roiled financial markets many observers say a deal that suits both sides is key to getting the trade relationship back on track for many %HESITATION watchers analysts of China US relations that believe one of the worst case scenarios could be for the two sides to %HESITATION essentially reach some agreement and then weeks or months down the road have that agreement fall apart the fear there is that if if both sides spent months and months negotiating a deal and then whether it's United States or China triggers an enforcement mechanism you could draw retaliation from the other side and after going going through such a protracted negotiation process if that happens they may kind of sink confidence that talks or negotiations couldn't %HESITATION help resolve future disputes China's top trade representative you her is set to travel to Washington for more talks beginning on may eight and just last week president trump hinted at a possible White House meeting with Chinese leader xi Jinping it's a summit that many say would be the final step in cementing a trade agreement that will last