FIRST AIRED: April 29, 2019

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please join me in a moment of silence at this time to honor the three hundred forty six people who were on board those two flights , condolences and apologies Boeing CEO and chairman Dennis Mullen Burke tried to set the right tone Monday in his first shareholder meeting today since two seven thirty seven MAX crashes catapulted the world's playmaker into the worst crisis in decades the deadly crash of allied air flight exactly six months ago and another flight Ethiopian airlines on March tenth forced global regulators to ground the popular plane wiping out twenty seven billion dollars of stock market value so far despite those losses many shareholders appeared to be sticking with Boeing Reuters reporter Tracie resist he was at the meeting and spoke to some investors , what Boeing has to do in terms of rebuilding trust in and ran they thought that that the company had made an error and how it is nine the system but they said that overall Boeing has been a very good investment for them over the years but not all shareholders including this former engineer were willing to give Boeing a free pass I'm kind of concerned at this company seem to lost sight of fail safety sign it never should have happened that you had won easily damage sensor %HESITATION that controlled a critical new design safety feature to this mall invoke repeating the same answer he's been giving for weeks regarding the safety of the seven thirty seven Max and the M. cast anti stole system that played a role in both crashes I want to assure you first of all that safety is our top priority with that assurance did not go down well at a later press conference with the media grilled Mullen Burke over the safety of Boeing's bestselling plane two can you admit , that the design was flawed we followed exactly the steps in our design certification process is that consistently produce safe airplanes now in in this case again as in all most accidents there a chain of events that occur , it's not correct at tribute that any single item despite that Boeing has been pushing a software fix and more pilot training it believes will make the plane safe to fly again well Boeing provided no clues on how soon global regulators will allow that to happen