FIRST AIRED: April 29, 2019

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it may have been a victory for Spain's Socialist Party but despite sing in a fifty percent bump in the number of seats I'm seeing off the challenge from the right prime minister Pedro Sanchez and co were weighing up their options to forming a new government on Monday after they failed to secure a majority which is I. Lebanese and metrics hello sign says that has not set put his cards on the table and committed to anything at this point %HESITATION he even said when he came out to speak to his to his supporters on Sunday nights very elated from that from the result because he did he did way and %HESITATION goods a good couple of million votes more than the nearest %HESITATION political force that was behind him he said that he wouldn't %HESITATION puts up what %HESITATION in Spanish politics is often called a safety chords and around around any options , the other headline to come out of Sunday's folks the mixed success of books the first far right party to win seats in the country's parliament in significant numbers since late dictator Francisco Franco died in nineteen seventy five in the end they won twenty four seats fewer than expected and splits the right wing fights it also means that they are the fifth force behind the other main policies this means that they don't quite have the king maker rolled on the on the right wing %HESITATION that they may have wished to have so they are significant presence at the very least symbolically but they would have quite the key role in forming a government %HESITATION that seems possible at certain points during the campaign any coalition talks could take weeks or even months and could end in deadlock and even but the elections plunging Europe's fifth largest economy into a new period of uncertainty