FIRST AIRED: May 2, 2019

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what I've learned since I've been having a stroke %HESITATION is that you know it's still can happen to anyone when multiple Olympic gold medal winner and sprinting I con Michael Johnson announced last September that he had a stroke it sent shock waves through the athletics world Johnson now fifty one says it's been a long road to recovery but he's nearly there the only sentence I have at this point are just some numbness still on the left side of my hand in my left a pinky finger and %HESITATION some numbness on the bottom of my foot Johnson is now telling his story as a cautionary tale the former world two hundred and four hundred meter record holder says he'd been doing in normal work out when he experienced a sudden weakness in his left leg in a tingling in his left arm he knew something serious had happened the good thing was that I got to the hospital quickly and got medical attention very quickly which increase my chances of a full recovery and a quick recovery he learned at the hospital that he'd suffered a transient ischemic attack or mini stroke he was also told that keep his recovery would be immediate physical therapy that therapy included around two hundred meters of walking that at first took him fifteen minutes to complete he'd once covered the distance in nineteen point three two seconds yeah I wasn't supposed to have a supposed to have a stroke because I'm young and I'm in great shape and I was doing all the right things Johnson's efforts to educate the public come as the film world mourns Boyz in the hood director John singleton who died of a stroke on April twenty ninth he too was fifty one doctors say that while the incidence of stroke increases over age it's still can happen to anyone at any age and when it does happen they say it's a vital to call nine one one immediately because as in Michael Johnson's case seconds can make the difference