FIRST AIRED: May 1, 2019

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Venezuela's opposition leader one quite %HESITATION called in the country to stage what he called the largest margin Venezuela's history on Wednesday we're gonna take my fellow Venezuelans good evening this is your acting president one goal ideal the legitimate commander of the armed forces it comes a day after he asked the military to help him over through the socialist government of president Nicolas Maduro thousands rallied to support him and clashed with police in the streets of Caracas but while go I don't has the backing of the United States and most western countries the armed forces appear to have stood by Maduro who has support from Russia China and Cuba and that is frustrated Washington White House national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday said Cuban forces in Venezuela or helping Maduro cling to power this really demonstrates the depths to which the Maduro regime a sock that they're using these Cuban %HESITATION directed Suggs to conduct their affairs U. S. secretary of state Mike Pompeii on Tuesday night blamed Moscow for keeping Maduro in power there are indications that majora was prepared to leave %HESITATION and that the Russians %HESITATION asked him not to go Russia on Wednesday denied that allegation Maduro has called why do an American puppet and blamed Bolton and pump pale by name for instigating the unrest so your home phone , Mr Pompeii oak what a lack of sincerity Mister Bolton also gave orders to military and civilian personnel in Venezuela to join the crew you for your call Mr trump set off a thousand expletives life my god how far the men in the United States government willing to go , but we have yet to see how far the US is willing to go something Pompeii %HESITATION left open %HESITATION military action is possible if that's what's required that's what the United States will do we prefer a peaceful transition of government there have any of you in any way shape or form been given instruction by your leadership to prepare for any type of men of military conflict a senior Pentagon official on Wednesday told Congress the military had not been instructed to prepare for operations in Venezuela but in this case we have not been given that sort of orders that you're discussing now the White House is convening a meeting of the National Security Council on Wednesday