FIRST AIRED: May 3, 2019

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from campaign rallies to ice cream shops democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has wasted no time taking his message to voters but well he's just one of twenty one vying to take on president trump in twenty twenty the moderate former vice president has fundamentally shaking up the race shooting to a double digit lead over nearest rival Bernie Sanders and catching the eye of the White House and trump's allies who see bite in as a potentially dangerous rival especially in midwestern industrial states were trump one in twenty sixteen a hard working middle class people are being crushed trump at first welcomed bite into the race but this week fired off a series of angry tweets after Biden was endorsed by the largest U. S. firefighters union tweeting quote I've done more for firefighters than this do sucking union will ever do it in the wealthiest most powerful country and after a cordial early phase Biden's campaign rivals are also taking off the gloves political correspondent John White sites is on the story the town has changed a bit it's gotten a little tougher %HESITATION and a few Canada's most notably Bernie Sanders have started taking direct sites of buying something that wasn't going on at all in the race until he got in before but I didn't enter the race Sanders the independent senator from Vermont was sitting at or near the top of the pack but in the latest Reuters Ipsos poll Biden holds a commanding lead at thirty percent which Sanders trailing far behind at fifteen percent though still ahead of rivals such as Kamala Harris a newcomer to the race senator Michael Bennet of Colorado white side says Sanders is taking a page from his twenty sixteen playbook when he ran against Hillary Clinton attacking by did on a number of hot button issues for progressive activists already Sanders's has attacked by and for his past support for global trade deals something bit Sanders also , attacked Clinton for in twenty sixteen Hillary Clinton supported nafta he attacked that bind for his %HESITATION support authorizing the Iraq war in two thousand two something that Sanders also criticized Clinton for but Sanders isn't the only one taking the fight to bite and former congressman Beto o'rourke has questioned Biden's backing from big money I don't take and I have not for five years any political action committee money and senator Elizabeth Warren has accused Biden of siding with credit card companies over struggling families just a taste of what's to come as Biden's campaign ramps up he hasn't taken a lot of policy positions so once he starts doing that that'll give everyone even more ammunition to take shots and how those shots land remains to be seen with the first primary vote not until February twenty twenty