FIRST AIRED: April 25, 2019

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even more we have to remember who we are this is America former vice president Joe Biden made it official on Thursday announcing his bid for the White House in a YouTube video that took square aim at the current occupant Donald Trump eight years in the White House , he will forever and fundamentally alter the character this nation president trump fired right back in his customary style reading on Twitter welcome to the race sleepy Joe I only hope you have the intelligence long in doubt to wage a successful primary campaign it will be nasty soon after his announcement a spokesman for former president Barack Obama praised by didn't but stopped short of a formal endorsement later on Thursday reporters asked by didn't want asterism mama not to endorse and he doesn't want this we should whoever wins this nomination should win on their own merits Biden is something of a big fish in a crowded democratic primary it's a seventy six year old third bid for the party's nomination he made his first run in nineteen eighty eight and then again in two thousand and eight and he enters a field full of fresher faces some of them seem to to subtly scorn the veteran politician for his ties to deep pocketed democratic donors a statement from senator Cory Booker's camp said some campaigns begin with a massive head start when it comes to fundraising we've refused to take money from corporate tax or federal lobbyists a statement from team Beto said today is an important day to show the strength of our grassroots campaign especially given the fact that the former vice president has already been collecting checks from major donors , beyond dollars by dean may have another advantage voters already know his name at this early point in the contest that gives them an advantage in public opinion polls rotors polling shows biting leading the pack of twenty democratic candidates but he faces significant challenges as well the party appears to have moved to the left on issues such as healthcare and the environment but it is still seen by many as a centrist he's also facing headwinds from another direction allegations recently serviced from women about unwanted contact started rubbing noses with me I feel badly in need of a Pennsylvania and seven term senator from Delaware will be counting heavily on his long ties to the industrial Midwest region critics say Hillary Clinton over looked in her failed to twenty sixteen bid and which helped propel Donald Trump to the White House