FIRST AIRED: April 25, 2019

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well this is ridiculous we cannot have this president Donald Trump sweeping down to fight all of the subpoenas coming out of for Democrats on Capitol Hill is testing the limits of congressional power in ways not seen in decades , in recent days top Democrats such as oversight chairman Alisa Cummings in judiciary tear Jerry Nadler have fired off subpoenas demanding to see trunks business records his taxes in our planning many more after special counsel Robert Muller said trump tried to impede the Russia pro legal affairs reporter John wall so subpoena is Latin for under penalty and it refers to the fact that this is a legally enforceable demand for information recognizing that power past presidents and their lawyers have usually negotiated such matters with Congress but not trump what we're fighting all the survey this drop is already ordered officials not to obey legal requests from the house and he has filed an unprecedented lawsuit to stop efforts to get its financial records the Supreme Court has said any subpoena must eight Congress illegitimate legislative purpose which is where this debate will focus some people say there is some merit to what he's saying which is that Congress is really just hunting for any kind of damaging information I can find about him but others say Congress is well within its authority to figure out the the president pay his taxes is he complying with other federal laws Congress can charge those who defy the subpoenas with contempt of Congress coming said his panel would vote on whether to hold in a White House security director Carl Klein in contempt for failing to answer a probe into the handling of top security clearances , Klay Congress could arrest and detain those who defy subpoenas but the practice is not being used in nearly one hundred years another option lawmakers can ask the US attorney for the district of Columbia to file charges but that would mean the trump administration enforcing the law against itself so where does that leave us a civil lawsuit Congress would have its lawyers go to court and ask the judge to order compliance anyone who refused could be held in contempt of court that would take time the wheels of justice move slowly could take months or even years there could even be a calculus by trump that he could just Stonewall this until there's a new Congress that gets you did in January twenty twenty one all of this is coming into play with the subpoena Nadler issued this week the former White House counsel don began Democrats want began to testify about molars report which said trumpet Coldham began to have mole removed trump denied that account on Twitter Thursday blaming the fake news media in saying if I wanted to fire Miller I did need began to do it I could have done it myself