FIRST AIRED: May 14, 2019

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it doesn't look like a frontline in the battle against global warming this island off Norway's coast in the North Sea is host to a big aluminum plants but making the metal is energy intensive and thus a problem for climate change plant operator Norsk hydro thinks it can fix that the company says it aims to be carbon neutral from next year it's so important for the aluminum industry because we want to prove that %HESITATION we are able to produce aluminium with the lowest energy consumption in the world the company claims it can balance its emissions with carbon savings elsewhere hydro power is one part of that equation Norway has plenty of the zero carbon power , Norsk hydro says it's also found a way to make aluminum in a less energy intensive way it involves limiting the massive magnetic fields usually generated as part of the process the company won't detail how it's doing this they say it's an industry secret makan but it's a bullish about the impact on prices for the metal %HESITATION we want to produce this %HESITATION one kilo off I mean you with the lowest cost in the world environmentalist groups like the world resources institute aren't convinced they call Norsk hydro zero carbon goalie quote marketing exercise and argue the world needs to use less aluminum not stimulate demand by making it cheaper big producers are determined to stick around anyway nor six rivals Alcoa and Rio Tinto have teamed up to develop the smelting process that produces oxygen not greenhouse gases and like Norsk they're betting that victory will go to the firm with the smallest energy bill and the lowest emissions