FIRST AIRED: April 30, 2019

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there's a new way to smoke tobacco in the U. S. and that's a big victory for Philip Morris the company's pen like I because product was cleared for sale by the food and drug administration Tuesday giving Philip Morris another tobacco product to push outside of traditional cigarettes rather than burn with a match I caustics simply heat in these cases and generate an aerosol containing nicotine rather than smoke E. cigarettes by contrast vaporize the nicotine filled liquid with no tobacco involved I cause had been under review for two years by the FDA which concluded that they were quote appropriate for the protection of public health because they produce quote fewer or lower levels of some toxins than combustible cigarettes but they must carry the same warning labels as traditional cigarettes at least for now the FDA is still mulling Philip Morris's request to claim that I cost poses less of a health risk than their cancer causing predecessors I cost is currently available in Japan and throughout much of Europe all true group which sells Marlboros will market the devices in the U. S. as part of a licensing agreement with Philip Morris I cuss rolls out this summer beginning in Atlanta