FIRST AIRED: May 9, 2019

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we've talked for a long time about approaching a constitutional crisis we are now in its house Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler on Wednesday to clear the United States is officially in a constitutional crisis after the panel he leads approved a measure to hold US Attorney General William Barr in contempt hi were refusing to hand over an unredacted copy of the Muller reports this is far greater than Republican or democratic or even the rights of Congress this is whether , we can put limits on the power of the president any president and then executive branch and hold the president any president accountable the vote comes after president Donald Trump asserted executive privilege to block the formal report in its underlying evidence from being released and the fight between the two branches of government has only just begun says Reuters legal correspondent John wall so this is just that one this is a blanket assertion of executive privilege it's a doctrine that lets the executive branch the White House maintain the confidentiality of internal discussions at some point the executive branch is going to have to make more narrow claim about which particular documents are at issue what sort of conversations and doesn't want the public to know about if it has any chance of holding up in court the house panel voted along party lines on the contempt resolution after bar to fight a subpoena to hand over Mulder's full unredacted report hi Mr seven a content findings Congress saying to someone you are not obeying our authority and what it allows Congress to do its thing go to court and get a judge to rule that someone has to comply so contemporaneously step along the way to a court fight the White House blasted Nadler's actions as a quote blatant abuse of power saying he had left from no other option than to invoke executive privilege that view shared by Republicans on the panel the Democrats resolve to neutralize bill Barr by tacking him in the office in his Jagriti and has a career what a cynical mean spirited counterproductive irresponsible step it is that I don't think today's actually about getting information I don't think it's about getting the unredacted Muller report I think it's all about trying to destroy Bill bar because Democrats are nervous he's going to get to the bottom of everything I can only conclude that the president now seeks to take a wrecking ball the constitution of the United States of America house speaker Nancy Pelosi in an interview with The Washington Post Wednesday said trump isn't doing himself any favours as the White House stonewalled numerous investigations by house Democrats in the wake of the mole report which said trumpet repeatedly , tried to impede the nearly two year pro every single day the president is making a case , it is becoming self impeachable the tribe administration also told former White House counsel Donald McGann not to comply with a subpoena seeking documents after Miller's report said trump had push began to have molar fired trump is denied any wrongdoing and vowed to fight all congressional subpoenas