FIRST AIRED: May 4, 2019

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yeah I I had a very good talk with president trump in a series of tweets Saturday defended his relationship with two controversial world leaders Kim Jong un and Latimer Putin trump tweeted quote very good call yesterday with president Putin of Russia tremendous potential for a good slash great relationship with Russia look how they have misled you on Russia collusion the world can be a better and safer place nice trump was referring to what he described as a lengthy and positive phone conversation with Putin Friday just two weeks after the release of the mother report that concluded trump did not collude with Russia during his two thousand sixteen presidential campaign one , so I just smiled when he said that something to the effect that it started off as a mountain and it ended up being a mouse but he knew that because you know there was no collusion whatsoever %HESITATION so up pretty much that's what it was , kiss me food none trump also discussed the possibility of a new nuclear deal that would reduce the number of weapons with spending billions of dollars a nuclear weapons numbers like we've never spent before trump added that any such backed could also include China in fact %HESITATION during the trade talks we started talking about that they were just excited about that maybe even more excited about trade other topics of discussion on Friday included efforts to persuade North Korea to give up nuclear weapons but just hours after the call Pyongyang allegedly launched several unidentified short range projectiles into the sea of Japan despite that trump said he still has faith in Kim tweeting quote I believe that Kim Jong un fully realizes the great economic potential of North Korea and will do nothing to interfere or end it he also knows that I am with him and does not want to break his promise to me deal will happen negotiations stalled after a second summit between Kim and trump in Hanoi in February field to produce a deal to end Pyongyang's nuclear program in return for sanctions relief