FIRST AIRED: April 26, 2019

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China is trying to face the controversies swirling around its belt and road initiative leader Shizhen **** spoke Friday in front of a number of leaders and allies from Pakistan among the biggest receivers of funds from she's grand plan to Italy who recently became the first to G. seven country to sign on fifty a month building the belt and road is to work together to face the risks and challenges facing mankind realizing win win cooperation and development together , it was the opening of a second summit on the infrastructure plan western countries say it's only about expanding Chinese influence and we'll trap poor countries in debt so in this summit as Reuters been Blanchard reports China is looking to prove its good intentions we sort today president she talking about sustainability talking using the word green a lot to to %HESITATION discuss the importance of environmental sustainability so China does seem to be taking on board some of these criticisms it does want the belts rates be popularly received around the world %HESITATION and it really doesn't like this constant sort of background noise from certain courses %HESITATION affecting people's perceptions of it , since twenty thirteen data provider repetitive shows the value of belt and road projects totals of some three and a half trillion dollars well most projects are continuing as planned some have hit snags among the most vocal critics is the United States it is not okay to engage in predatory lending practices in last few months so the US officials have been stepping up their criticism of bells and wrote talking about death traps lack of transparency things like that %HESITATION now the loss belts and road four in two years ago the U. S. stood out she sent a relatively senior %HESITATION delegation this time however note U. S. officials have come from Washington to attend we don't actually know exactly who is attending for the United States so eventually %HESITATION these close allies of the United States person is an obvious example France Germany or presumed again to have to make a choice about up to what extent do they continue to engage with belts and road warranty to they formally signed up to it what do they adopt the U. S. approach and sort of try and wash their hands of it , in France and Germany have all sense of senior officials this year the UK's finance minister spoke to Reuters on the sidelines and called the belt and road a vision after brexit the UK will be looking for ways to reinvent itself and she's vision may be a start