FIRST AIRED: May 11, 2019

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cigarette maker Philip Morris international has suspended a global social media marketing campaign that used young the online personalities to sell its heated tobacco device known as I close an acronym for I quit ordinary smoking the move announced Friday came after Reuters was probing the company's marketing standards Philip Morris claims to have a strict policy of not promoting tobacco products using young celebrities are models who are or appear to be under the age of twenty five I mean they'll come yeah yet a Reuters investigation revealed the company had used young social media massacres in Japan Italy Switzerland Russia and Romania to market it's I cause device like twenty one year old Russian influence I Lena Topolino her Instagram profile shows her living the high life alongside a picture of her with the I. coats Reuters correspondent Chris Corrigan you know when you look at the post they have a lot of information that indicates that this was yeah this is essentially a paid poster there's there's hash tags that say things like Pete add to or not risk free adults only which is the kind of disclaimer language that you'll see when a company is heavily involved in sort of developing in the language on his Instagram posts to happily nine nine other I. because influencers some of whom have tens of thousands of followers did not respond to requests for comment on Friday the company said quote we have taken the decision to suspend all of our product related digital influencer actions globally adding quote no laws were broken %HESITATION I think the question is not necessarily about what's legal or not it's it's it's kind of %HESITATION more of just a question of you know what is the perception what is what what are these images evoking and what kind of impact could that have you know and and you know is it in the spirit of of what they've been talking about which is , is we don't want any young people using our products this comes as the US FDA last month decided it would allow sales of the I. because device in the US after a two year review process a major win for Philip Morris in in in getting this application through the FDA they made certain essentially promises about the type of marketing that they would do and they said they were only marketing to adults cigarette smokers and that they would know their marketing would be intended to appeal to young people or to people who had never smoked cigarettes we now just a question of here's what they've done in other countries and here's what they're telling the FTA Philip Morris still has an application pending before the FDA that seeks approval to market the I. because as less harmful than smoking claiming it contains up to ninety five percent fewer toxic compounds than cigarettes but now advocacy group the campaign for tobacco free kids that collected some of the I. because marketing images reviewed by Reuters said Philip Morris is quote changing their behavior only one car red handed