FIRST AIRED: May 4, 2019

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labor unions still a force to be reckoned with but for a new generation of freelance workers in the so called geek economy created by technologies like uber and lift apps organizing workers can be like herding cats as you can see this organizing is very hectic Edward Escobar says he's driven for lifting Newburn felt motivated to take action when he saw how unfairly drivers were being treated right now with this new ideal release by Goober may tenth they have already stated in their S. one IPO filing that they were going to squeeze the drivers even more uber is seeking a valuation of up to ninety billion dollars and it's been keeping the location of its road shows for marketing to investors a secret after rival lift faced these protesters in March as it met with investors for its IPO the stark contrast between drivers you scrape by with pay per mile rates dropping and the millionaires minted through these IPOs has fueled a movement for drivers to organize and some of the core organizers are highly educated and experienced activist like Rebecca stack martinis in San Francisco a newer driver with a master's degree from university of California Berkeley in public policy and Brian Dawber in Los Angeles an assistant professor of communications at cal state San Marcos Dover's group ride share drivers United formed last year is calling for drivers to protest by shutting lift an uber apps for twenty four hours and rally on may eighth in New York %HESITATION %HESITATION both uber and lift of been mandated to pay twenty dollars an hour they're still in operation there we think they could do it in Los Angeles and other cities but for the ride hailing activist the challenge of organizing labor is much bigger than these union workers many over and lift drivers only drive part time and apart from social media groups or waiting in airports for pick ups they don't have much contact with each , other and few drivers showed up to this rally in Oakland California on Labor Day Escobar says many drivers also avoid protest fearing retribution from lift in Hoover but for Escobar who spent his own money and time to push for better driver right media attention alone is a success , for today