FIRST AIRED: May 4, 2019

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or do we sell the hydro it was too late to run as a National Guard vehicle slammed into protesters in Caracas earlier this week the dramatic moment captured by a Reuters photographer on Tuesday marked a boiling point for the political crisis in Venezuela what many on there at the time the vehicle passed over me I remember the darkness I didn't see anything it was all dark the only thing I thought of was that I was alive now what with abrasions first degree burns seven stitches on his head and an injured ankle doctors say all the hunter %HESITATION is expected to make a full recovery , the violence protest flared after opposition leader one quite go me his strong this call yet to the military to help him ousted president Nicolas Maduro , why does ultimate goal was not reached despite tens of thousands of his supporters pouring into the streets of Caracas where the clashes broke out , what he was really strong horrible how the authorities were treating , fascist continued on May Day with white %HESITATION calling for the largest margin Venezuela's history for the quote final phase of his move to oust the socialist leader , National Guard troops loyal to Maduro fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the opening I Lawson station in my body the bullets were at my back and on I was on the ground in when I was on the ground off the started to shoot it's not like I was shot from far or that I was running I was on the floor and they shot at me despite their wounds many protesters say they will continue pressuring the door %HESITATION to step down email me soon without fear and with the same conviction with the same strength that if we all go out together Maduro will not be able to stand the pressure and resign we need to continue and that is why in part I'm not sad about them hitting me , human rights groups claim hundreds of Venezuelans like all the hunter %HESITATION had been injured this year in clashes between opposition supporters and those loyal to Maduro