FIRST AIRED: May 2, 2019

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the U. K. defense secretary has strenuously denied he was involved in leaking a controversial national security decision about what way to the press Kevin Williamson was fired by the prime minister on Wednesday nights and now some lawmakers are demanding a criminal investigation into whether secrecy laws were broken he's broke last week in a British newspaper that the U. K. would allow the Chinese telecoms and mobile phone giant to build parts of the country's five G. network despite the objections of allies including the U. S. and Australia prime minister Theresa may said she'd received compelling evidence linking the minister after the leak something he's tonight which is Alice dismounts following the story the league has a significance in a number of ways from a geopolitical contacts they came at a time when Britain was gonna take a different tack with far away to some of its major western allies who wants to be more hardline say for it to come out in the newspapers doesn't look particularly good for the British government and domestically as well obviously it has for centuries made to find someone who have been one of our closest allies now going to be one of the most vocal critics on the back benches may gave Williams and the opportunity to resign but he refused and said the prime minister ousted him a contrast to the recent cabinet resignations cheese and George underlining just how seriously had team treated the leak from the National Security Council in a way she's been known to take this by the horns and Cher herself to be quite strong the of a side of things she's made to suffer potentially quite a powerful enemy on the back benches and we've seen of about benches come out in a support to come with him since saying he should be given the opportunity to to clear his name the police have said they'll only opened a criminal investigation if the Cabinet Office asks what it is the government has said it will not , well it's been at the center of fierce debates by officials in Europe Australia around the US and the concerns of the companies too close to the Chinese government and could allow a back door the Chinese spies into communications networks following his always flatly denied being involved in any kind of espionage operation