FIRST AIRED: May 9, 2019

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we don't make the deal U. S. president trump made very public the fine to US China trade talks were collapsing on Wednesday so I just answer will increase their %HESITATION so John no we won't back down until China stops cheating or workers and stealing our jobs and that's what's going to happen in a surprise tweet last weekend trump announced tariffs on two hundred billion dollars worth of Chinese goods would jump from ten percent to twenty five percent on Friday that means a telephone pole now sit quietly in the middle of two days of trade talks in Washington China's commerce ministry responded on Thursday saying it's making the ultimate gesture by still sending its team of negotiators warned it's fully prepared to defend its interests I think what's a parent %HESITATION both from public statements made by US officials this week and also from what we're hearing from sources is that the real perception within U. S. circles that they think China perhaps miscalculated and over estimated the the United States desire to strike a trade deal %HESITATION for the sake of political expediency almost anything could happen given vertically given the unpredictability of our president trump but %HESITATION as one source said to me %HESITATION Leo who %HESITATION would have to go to Washington and and create some kind of miracle to prevent terrorists from going forward the trade war has been boiling the global economy since the middle of last year costing the world's two largest economies billions of dollars observe is hot until recently I thought there was an end in sight but will it is revealed exclusively on Wednesday the China had backtracked on almost all aspects of a draft agreement last week which prompted trump to old at the time I fight for the stage of the the %HESITATION trade talks is is frankly pretty high stakes for the global economy at some point as terrace increase %HESITATION for many companies that it stops becoming a question of mitigating costs and it becomes the decision about when and how to move there to supply chains %HESITATION , around the region around the world and of course as it does that increase costs and it creates %HESITATION uncertainties for both Chinese economy and the US economy %HESITATION a sort of stress tests for both of those economies Washington wants Beijing to make sweeping changes to its trade practices ending what it calls the theft of US intellectual property and curbing Chinese government subsidies