FIRST AIRED: May 14, 2019

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of the more than twenty congressional investigations into the president and his finances which have led to subpoenas for records from places like Capital One and Deutsche Bank a court battle over records from a little known accounting firm could mark the first real test in the unprecedented standoff between president Donald Trump and the house Democrats investigating him on Tuesday a judge in Washington will hear arguments over whether Mazar's trumps long time accountant must comply with the congressional subpoena for the president's personal and business finances Reuters legal correspondent yon wolf this is the first time that a court is going to wait into this dispute between Congress and from over whether these investigations really have a legitimate legislative purpose or if they're really an attempt to just restaurant and find any kind of damaging information Congress can this case is really similar to one trump brought to block subpoenas of records in the possession tuition banking Capital One and I think whatever the judge rules well not binding in that case will you know have a big impact ladies and gentleman we are in search of the truth the house oversight committee which issued the subpoena said that it needs the documents to properly examine whether trump has conflicts of interest or broke the law by not disentangle himself from his business holdings the way past presidents have done lawyers for trump argue that the subpoena exceeds constitutional limits on Congress's power to investigate and warned that nonstop investigations into the personal lives of presidents motivated by the hope of finding politically damaging information will be the new normal but will says those arguments from trump's lawyers may not be enough legal experts generally say that Congress has the upper hand here and is going to win that's because the Supreme Court has said the Congress's power to investigate is broad another consideration here is that the judge has fast tracked the case and I think that's a good sign for Congress most people say it's in trump's interest to delay he'd rather focus , on his legislative agenda he doesn't want to help you once the stone wall and this judge said I'm going to hold a trial less than a month after a complaint was filed and try to streamline the case as quickly as I can the judge will likely issue a decision at a later date which will almost certainly be appealed to a higher court