FIRST AIRED: April 25, 2019

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this is a see through kidney created by researchers in Munich and scientists Hey say the technology behind it could pave the way to print three dimensional body parts for transplants so we are the only one in the world having technology to make the whole hormone organs transparent and scanning them with lasers as single sellers the news so that means the normal in their food are gone every single cell that they are located and then we can actually replicate exactly the same using treated by a printing technology and it becomes real like an organ so we have several yeah I guess much closer to generating a real home log and then all of those in the Wall coming to access until now is three D. printed organs lacks detailed study less structure is because they were based on images from computed tomography all and all right machines but these researchers use a solvent to make the organ transparent the full scanning it with lasers in a microscope allowing them to capture every single cell in the structure in addition we can see also %HESITATION treatment if there is %HESITATION Drakh %HESITATION that is supposed to treat cancer that means it should find the sal cancer cells and it should kill right so not because we can see the south we can really also see does drunks whether they had their own troubles to sat account so subtle not right and now I think we're in a position to double up much about their towns drops because we know all what works and what doesn't work right the team plans to start by creating a by printed I'm Chris over the next two to three is and hopefully a kidney within the next six three such as will fuss test to see what the animals can survive with the by printed organs clinical trials could starts within five to ten years this was a living miles