FIRST AIRED: April 26, 2019

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you're looking at bitcoin enthusiasts , crypto currency may have tumbled in value but Palestinian militant group MS still seems to be a fan , researchers at London from elliptic say they've traced how the organization's almond waiting uses an electronic money to raise funds the al Qassam brigades have in recent weeks started using this website to instruct supporters in how to make bitcoin donations money can be sent anonymously to multiple electronic wallets that's all hard to trace and I think we descriptor currency correspondent told Wilson is in London at the moment the sums involved a relatively small %HESITATION the research organization thing seventy seven thousand dollars so far has been raised in this way %HESITATION but is really example of how %HESITATION group %HESITATION prescribed by many major road maintenance governments as a terrorist organization has been looking to use critic arms is to raise money hi my S. is designated as a terrorist organization by the U. S. and E. U. and it has a clear needs to explore new funding options Egypt and Israel have closed hundreds of smuggling tunnels that it used to used to move goods into Gaza the Palestinians and clay that it rules the London researchers say the current coin payments could be a trial run full something much bigger and there is little that authorities can do in the past options being fairly limited for governments and how to deal with illegal usages of crypto currencies the US authorities last year section two %HESITATION Bakan Wallace associated with a radiance that they said would be useful %HESITATION cyber attacks we haven't yet seen any similar move for how mass , bitcoin isn't entirely untraceable elliptic was able to track the how must money movements to some degree it says many donations came through a major Asian crypto currency exchange more research might enable efforts to hamper will slow any payments deemed illegal stopping them all together though right now that looks hard