FIRST AIRED: April 25, 2019

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and you kind of start up is taking off in China , this is the new line baby at one point five tons and twenty seven feet it's much smaller than your average rocket but it's designed to be cheap and reusable think SpaceX lift off , on a smaller scale the company behind this prototype link space is one of many Chinese rocket makers trying to make a business out of firing these , and they'll carry shoebox sized satellites for you at relatively low prices these nano satellites are expected to explode in the next few years they could help with anything from faster internet on planes tracking shipments a handful of US small record companies have already had success one of the biggest rocket lab has put twenty five satellites in orbit link space is twenty six year old CEO hopes they'll be the first Chinese firm to do it which led to its use was aware that the sandal and to win rockets change from being one offs to being reusable the launching cost and reliability will be much more optimized you may click yes when you see him though and I think that's essential for private companies who want to survive this industry in the next few years %HESITATION for young the sick I've been confusion so far it's smooth sailing new line baby has successfully launched and landed for the second time in two months but lots of other companies in China have failed and it's a high risk business one unsuccessful launch might kill the company eventually link space hopes to charge no more than four point five million dollars per launch that's just a fraction of the thirty million dollars needed for the next alternative the Pegasus a commonly used small rockets after a fresh round of funding last year Chinese companies labeling space are pushing out prototypes plenty more tests and even proposing operational launches this year the space is hoping for their first opening lunch in twenty twenty one