FIRST AIRED: May 3, 2019

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panic in Pakistan as rumors spread that children are dying from contaminated polio vaccines the source of the rumors religious hardliners in the city of Peshawar last week he came to violence mobs attacked a village health center the medical workers fearing for their lives there's no known cure for polio which can cause paralysis and even death although it can be prevented if children are given multiple treatments with the vaccine but fear is sporting government inoculation drives most of the thirty three polio cases recorded by the World Health Organization last year were in Pakistan or neighboring Afghanistan but don't go look normal vaccines my son said the next time they bring polio drops I'm going to run away I said do that , the problem goes back years to claims by some clerics that polio vaccines are part of a western plot to make Muslims sterile militant groups have killed nearly one hundred health workers and their guards in recent years three just last week Nadia Gould is one of the volunteers putting her life on the line alright the aim of old vaccinate says is to read a country at the scourge so that no child god for bid is crippled and I've got a Muslim killings have escalated before when a doctor fighting polio help US forces tracked down and eliminate al Qaeda leader Osama bin laden in two thousand eleven government officials say the polio vaccine backlash is bigger than ever they're worried that the suspicions of a hard line minority infecting the wider public community mistrust in one segment of society which the flu vaccination due to religious beliefs ville %HESITATION translate into %HESITATION the rest of the country , officials say there have been no confirmed deaths from the polio vaccine but last week rumors triggered a rush on hospitals in Peshawar with some forty five thousand children complaining of nausea and dizziness among the crowds people were seen passing around syringes containing a so called antidote officials call it mass hysteria and say that one point four million children missed out on last month's inoculation Dr due to the panic they're now going after the perpetrators and arrested at least seventeen people meanwhile health workers like Nadia Gul say they're aware of the public anger but have no plans to stop