FIRST AIRED: April 25, 2019

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save a little longer I may need he's lingered on the sidelines for months as the twenty twenty democratic field took shape around him but on Thursday Joe Biden is finally launching his bid for the oval office hoping he's the one who can oust president trump there is nothing beyond our capacity a new Reuters Ipsos poll shows bite in with an early lead , the moderate Democrat will be up against the largest field to seek the party's nomination in modern times many of them pushing agendas farther to the left them by Dan on everything from health care to climate change White House correspondent Steve Holland Joe Biden will face questions about whether he's progressive enough liberal enough for the the the left of the Democratic Party he will appeal to moderates in the Democratic Party %HESITATION but the the left is what's driving all the energy right now what Biden is likely to argue that is that he's the more electable of this group of Democrats said that he can appeal to even some Republicans who who are tired of trump , thank you personal space have been reset and I guess that he's already run into political headwinds having to defend himself against allegations he made women feel uncomfortable with unwanted touching started rubbing noses with me I feel badly despite the complaints the seventy six year old is moving ahead hoping to capitalize on decades in political life hi Joe so far right you do solemnly swear before serving two terms as former president Barack Obama's V. P. Biden was Delaware's longest serving US senator re elected to office seven times I DO and bite and will have to answer for his record he chaired the nineteen ninety one confirmation hearings for Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas and was criticized for not doing enough to protect a need a hill who accused Thomas of sexual harassment I know we haven't always gotten things right , but I've always tried Biden has since apologized Joe Biden was seen as a bit calloused toward her it will stand out in today's times of me to move but %HESITATION it will definitely be a problem for him and he will have to explain what happened back then and how it compares to now and how he's learned a lesson on how to treat people his record on foreign policy will also likely be scrutinized in two thousand two he voted to authorize military intervention in Iraq but later said he regretted his vote what he's probably going to say is that the president bush laid out intelligence suggesting that Iraq did possess weapons of mass destruction and that he went along with this %HESITATION vote the need of a Pennsylvania will also be counting heavily on its long ties to the industrial Midwest a region critics say Hillary Clinton over looked in her failed twenty sixteen bed and that helped propel Donald Trump to the White House America first