FIRST AIRED: May 1, 2019

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Olympic eight hundred meets the champ Costa Semenya his heart to stop the introduction of new rules limiting testosterone in female athletes but on Wednesday her appeal was dismissed one of meeting the regulations are discriminant tree the court of arbitration for sport decided the rules set by the international association of athletics federation Ole I double I. F. and needed altering main show fat competition between athletes in events ranging from four hundred meters to a mile the rules mean Semenya and other athletes with differences in sexual development will now have to lower than natural testosterone levels to compete registration showing essentially this was someone is argument that %HESITATION you know any female born a female raised a female socialize a female should be able to compete as a female free of any type of punishment so this means that any athlete whose goals of more than five non annals of testosterone police of blood and say this is the cause of point that the item lifted determined again I have to take drugs to reduce that level of testosterone %HESITATION now typically women around two novels so , you have to start taking drugs six months before competing in the championship a B. below that level to be allowed to compete in the email field testosterone is the hormone that increases muscle mass strength and hemoglobin all of which affects insurance the governing bodies but Texas usually divided opinion especially on social media , the menu is a social media response was die racks and in a statement later she said the decision will not hold her back and that she will quite once again rise above and continue to inspire young women and athletes the device itself is also set to continue I think the consequences all the this certainly is not the end of the story that's going to be an appeal must certainly by Semenya I'm gonna %HESITATION hero for a lot more about these levels whether they're on the tree and whether that fat