FIRST AIRED: May 2, 2019

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the beaches of Hainan island Armonk China's most popular tropical getaways but a stone's throw from these pricy beach front hotels lies the home of China's fleet of nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines it's long been an ambition of Chinese naval plan is to build a force of nuclear missile submarines it now appears they might have made significant advances in China's undersea capabilities and possibly in their ability to target the United States with nuclear warheads from beneath the waves satellite images and other evidence analyzed by really does show a large increase in activity at the yearly naval base on Hainan island at the southern tip of China right is great to road has been investigating the story this is for ballistic missile submarines that have been tracked going and coming from , from you then we also understand that there is a there's been a great deal of if it to fortify that area in recent years build secure facilities to keep missiles to arm them with nuclear warheads %HESITATION they were lodge submarine pains that are there Beijing says it has a no first use policy for its nuclear weapons meaning it would only use them if it was fired upon first so if it's underground missile silos on land get taken out it would have the ability to hit back bolstering its defense ballistic missile submarines would allow that the growing evidence they could have started fully armed patrols has gotten the attention of western governments in August a Pentagon report cold Beijing's nuclear deterrent at C. both credible and viable right is sources also say China now appears to be sending its gene class nuclear submarines out on patrol and he's taking measures to defend them China is known to have full gym class submarines that can each be armed with up to a dozen ballistic missiles it's understood those missiles can carry a nuclear warhead and have a strike range of about four thousand five hundred miles that means China could strike the US if IT subs in what is east of the Philippines some analysts still doubt China has fully armed ballistic missiles on submarines others are skeptical that the subs conducting around the clock patrols but the US and its allies and now behaving as if they are and have stepped up the hunt for Chinese subs we've all seen the film hunt for the red October and that was at court this very issue we've seen for example %HESITATION and increased deployments of U. S. P. eight Poseidon aircraft in the region %HESITATION flying chiefly out of Singapore but but from other locations as well they can drops are not boys they think a submarine is closed is also the ability to track large areas of the surface of the ocean China is also increase , only attempting to track foreign submarines from the sea and the a a AS one western military attache puts it way looking at them looking for us