FIRST AIRED: May 1, 2019

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heartthrob Zac Efron playing about as far against type as he can get the former high school musical star recently known for flashing his ABS in light comedy is taking on the role of Ted Bundy in the new Netflix film extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile a deep dive into the serial killer's psyche rather than a graphic depiction of his gruesome crimes this was a %HESITATION , way into a genre that I thought was a little bit more cerebral than your standard hack and slash maybe this is a an in depth look into , one of the worst mass manipulators of the public and %HESITATION %HESITATION mass murders of young girls and women %HESITATION , play ever and it's %HESITATION , a hard story to tell with out the elements that I would be scared to promote ghastly injuries smashed in races director Joe Berlinger seeing Efron's public image as an asset rather than a stretch and Zack's real life persona as a teen heart throb to me was something interesting to bring into the movie because the movie is about deception and betrayal nobody believe Bundy was capable of these horrible crimes because of how he looked how he acted and the idea of playing with that because for certain segment of the population Zack is that person a person who can do no wrong the film follows the nineteen seventy nine trial of Bundy who admitted to killing more than thirty women before his execution a decade later , it's based on the memoir written by his former girlfriend Elizabeth Klepper played by actress lily Collins in the film we got to disinfect together and she provided me with a lot of information and photo albums and that love letters or hand written by Ted just for research extremely wicked premieres Friday on Netflix and in select theaters