FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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turkey's political makeup could soon undergo a makeover in just two days time an election looks that to reshape the republic's parliament and determine the future of president type adeline most popular i'm to voice their multi million deaths , i'm which is about america's enticing square essentially stumble since two thousand and two the citizens of been ruled by one party the right wing pro islamist justice and development party and walls polls predict an overall win for them again this time round they may have to park that dreams of single party rule to one size , president add on some visions of to change techies com , shin and forge a full u. s. or french style presidential system unopposed , but that's the ruling a. k. p. which he led successfully for three times needs she said its majority , three hundred and sixty seven of the available five hundred fifty , three hundred thirty c. , could put his grand plans to a referendum but even that's could be wishful thinking , key will be the pro kurdish leftist , p. standing as a party for the first time rather than his independence , it's campaign moving beyond winning peace and autonomy for the cuts of the southeast , now also promoting democracy free speech and the rights of workers that women and minorities alike , if the h. t. p. reaches the ten percent threshold it needs to propel it into parliament , steel crucial a. k. p. c. , and possibly force the ruling party into a coalition bringing the death knell for advance executive presidency vision , as the country gears up for the most fiercely contested election in a decade result could define far more than simply the next four years