FIRST AIRED: June 18, 2015

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still no breakthrough and little time left grease refusing to budge at the lightest crucial talks on its debt crisis fresh from the negotiations the hit of the year or group painted a stock picture regrettable to say that it's too little progress has been made in the talks between institutions and greece , %HESITATION and that %HESITATION no agreement sir as yet is in sight the head of the i. m. f. clearly also frustrated christine lagarde ruling out any grace period for athens , and confirming the country will default if it fails to stump up one point six billion euros on june the thirtieth but the greek finance minister believes there's still time to agree we are dangerously close , and i urge my colleagues not to fall prey to this state of mind thursday's talks had been billed as the final chance to clinch a deal both athens and brussels side i don't want greece to leave the eurozone and opinion polls say most greeks want to study in two , deposit withdrawals from greek banks accelerating again some believe athens will be the first to blink that he secretly wanting morrison who are they to simply trying to , the strength in the negotiating position on the way to do that is to create as much noise as much , greece fast running out of time and europe out of patience