FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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he may not have been welcome at g. seven but russia's president enjoyed a symbolic greeted by faith francis on wednesday , voices vatican correspondent phillip who lila says that once formalities are over putin is likely to face a grilling over moscow's role in ukraine having been excluded from the g. seven in germany this is of a very good move by putin to then come to actually see %HESITATION prime minister renzi in milan , and then come here and receive the red carpet treatment at the vatican , that doesn't mean however that when the two men are behind closed doors that francis won't get tough with putin about situation in ukraine , fighting between ukrainian government forces and pro russian separatists flared again last week pope francis is called the conflicts a war between christians , but the u. s. has urged the vatican , take a tougher stance against russia's actions , pigeons visits a sneak comes two weeks before the e. u. will decide whether to strengthen sanctions against moscow imposed off the annexation of crimea in march two , who less says its lease relationship with russia is built on close commercial ties , i don't think it really is going to oppose any further sanctions against russia however it made %HESITATION takes a unilateral actions to try and influence with the e. u. decides , spike futian and prime minister frenzy also presenting a united front in milan the visit shows that sometimes even friends have to ask tough questions