FIRST AIRED: June 25, 2015

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u. s. china talks wrapping up in washington wednesday with the two sides trying to forge stronger economic and trade ties but bitter tensions over spying keep getting in the way u. s. officials bluntly accusing the chinese are breaking into american servers are making off with vast quantities of data we remain deeply concerned , about chinese government sponsored sable cyber enable theft jason lang is covering the talks for reuters treasury secretary jack lew has really gone out of his way on several occasions to really hammer the chinese about cybersecurity issues so that might be a sign that the security side of the of the dialogue is is getting in the way of the economics , i'm not making it harder to clinch a massive bilateral investment treaty in the works for seven years but hung up by security battles , and it's a two way street china points to revelations by former n. s. a. contractor edward snowden that the u. s. planet computer code in american technology exports over conspired foreign powers that lead china throwdown tough new cyber security barriers for imports to china all the replacing u. s. technology with domestic alternatives , u. s. businesses and the u. s. government are worried about %HESITATION chinese officials telling you s. companies what kind of %HESITATION software and technology they can use they're also worried that the chinese could pick %HESITATION technology that could be used to snoop against the americans and i'm pleased to say that china agreed that we must work together , to complete a code of conduct regarding , activities bull side see the advantage of the free flow of trade now worth six hundred billion dollars with this trust running so deep progresses an up hill struggle even when the two superpowers appear to agree