FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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the revolutionary armed guards of columbia more commonly known as farc fuck colombian government troops for nearly half a century spider constant backdrop of intense fighting peace talks advance in june hoping to put an end to latin america's oldest insurgency , if the talks are successful it would mean an influx of ex fighters nearly twenty thousand of them will need to be reintegrated into society expanding the government's workload register respondent julia since cobb is in the capital bogota , so in terms of the reintegration programs %HESITATION a lot of them include socialization activities so group therapy sessions where people who are reinstating talk about their experiences in in the rebel ranks the basic idea is to provide these ex fighters with a routine that they would not had before most colombians have a deep hatred for the farc wars killed about two hundred twenty thousand people former fighters are often stigmatize and turned to a life of crime crime gangs who are who are referred to as buck cream here in columbia %HESITATION they're looking to recruit ex fighters from the fire could because , many of those expert fighters they know how to handle guns some of them may already have been involved in the drug trade and so the bacterium are able to offer those ex fighters , more than minimum wage very don't have complete the reintegration process it , could be a very tempting offer if a peace deal is reached a majority of the goethe based companies are willing to help with the assimilation efforts some like awful defensa have been hiring ex combatants for years , the government of president juan manuel santos spends about four million pesos or fifteen hundred dollars annually per fighter to prepare them to go home , but years of animosity and distrust of made massa's immolation efforts a tough sell