FIRST AIRED: June 3, 2016

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okay humble oil and gas regulators say that the recent spike in earthquakes there is so alarming it's a game changer , yokohama geological survey found that just last week there were thirty five earthquakes of magnitude three point now or greater increase seismic activity is now forcing the state's energy regulator to urgently consider tougher restrictions on drilling activity you're gonna talk body is covering the story for writers and just returned from oklahoma and used to see just to %HESITATION earthquakes of magnitude three plano or greater per year and instead it now see , in a lot of damage to their homes which they attribute to the earthquakes , %HESITATION and it has some people worried that a big one could really come %HESITATION at any time scientists attribute the rise in these man made earthquakes to soaring amounts of salty waste water being injected underground , but regulators and politicians have so far been unable or unwilling to shackle an industry it's producing such enormous revenue for the state drillers in oklahoma who i spoke to said that if you reduce the amount of water you can in , necessarily will have , and that would have lots of impacts on the economy %HESITATION and %HESITATION on on the state budget as well , trailers were ordered to stop disposing waste water below the state's deepest rock formation but that hasn't slowed quakes like these in arkansas , one option may be to limit the volume of water disposal for wells in earthquake prone areas move kansas took in march