FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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ncar surface japanese heading into battle with airsoft guns the only kind legal to own under japanese law it's popular to fire plastic pellets at your friends in war feels like camp devgru east of tokyo , there you can rent gear and guns and camouflage yourself an overgrown weeds , japan's real soldiers having gone into battle since world war two in fact the country's constitutionally barred from anything but self defense even though it's now got a military bigger than britain , japanese airsoft fan says is just to blow off steam a gallup poll at the end of twenty fourteen said only eleven percent of japanese could fight for their country compare that to forty four percent in the u. s. , but japanese attitudes towards war are more nuance in the numbers , she holds a lot i don't think it's a good thing to shoot people with guns but for example if your family to be threatened by someone that is part of a nation's right to self defense we should fight prime minister shinzo always looking to change japan's military role in asia bills in parliament would expand military operations abroad to allow japan to defend friendly countries under attack he's also got the majority block to push it through the possibly of the cost of support from japanese used to a half century of pacifism