FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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find uneasy calm as the ins looms in the greek date drama the nation's benchmark stocks a stable as all those of european films with the biggest sales increase reuters stock market correspondent francesco canepa has been looking at the big three isn't that the less and and and color coded bottling company and they russia's actually doing alright they outperform in line no better than the the pan european stock market del heist the belgian supermarket giant has told reuters it's greek operations would survive if the country drops the euro coca cola h. c. b. has previously said it's cautious about the situation but committed to investing in the country so why are some companies playing it cool well because even , if greece where to default and leave the eurozone , nevertheless some traders remained cautious given the deadlock between greece and its lenders as all the greeks themselves with more than one billion euros pulled out of banks on thursday alone , faced is now looking to an emergency summit on monday in the hope of greece might still avoid going bust