FIRST AIRED: June 19, 2015

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there's no panic or cues for a. t. m. s. but despite the calm senior banking sources have told reuters that greek savers withdrew more than a billion euros from banks on thursday alone , on top of that a bomb shell from the e. c. b. , it's not sure where the greek banks can even open on monday , you're so menaces painting a bleak picture often ago she haitians ended in stalemate again on thursday there is nobody in the room nclex , i want to be unequivocal about that , the thief of course the , on the position , the head of the uruguay urging athens for a credible reform plan and if an offense to that then they are taking , so i strongly hope , that's over the coming days they will come , ministers will hold an emergency summit on monday to trying to vote to greek default , the i. m. s. christine lagarde courting for more dialogue with quote adults in the room , the grease insisted has put a radical proposal for budget monitoring on the table , the country's finance minister says that shows it is willing to reform this government this , can , make ends meet , and if only we had this , an agreement along the lines of the proposals that i presented to you tonight , and this crisis would be over , thousands of greeks took to the streets on thursday pleading with leases to end the deadlock nnnnn calls courting for unity with europe if the deposit flight continues , the government may have no other choice