FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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nnnnn nnnnn bowl a physics major at peking university who's also an active investor managing about eight hundred thousand dollars cobbled together from family friends and schoolmates , to do it in june of last year i used to hundred and fifteen thousand you want to buy stocks by the end of yesterday my net assets for one point three million is a six hundred and fifty percent increase , new is just one of millions of new retail investors placing their savings and borrowings into china's burgeoning stock market , i'm artists are intensive at the hong kong stock exchange where some chinese style after jumping like they never have before it's not because the country's economy is booming in fact , slowing down it isn't because companies are earning huge amounts of money either , instead it's because china is pushing to open up its capital markets aiming to change from a manufacturing led economy to a consumer driven powerhouse that sledge up by popping one hundred and forty five percent gains one shanghai stock , some are worried that the market is a bubble waiting to pop but economist paul schultz a things this may be the gift that keeps on giving will inch in japan in the nineteen seventies and eighties we had we had a very massive ballroom in in aussie on in the nineteen nineties we had tremendous ball rounds these are part of structural change that is is is is very exciting a political reform industrial reform financial reform currency reform interest rate reform oral happening the same time back in peking university lou is less worried about the stock market failing and more concerned about finding more time away from his studies to watch the markets , he is part of a new generation in china that season vesting is the key to building a safer and more trend friendly future