FIRST AIRED: June 5, 2015

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resetting the clock grease decides to spit fridays i am f. payment athens invoking an obscure loophole not been used since the nineteen seventies to bundle all of his june dates into one single lump sum , the one point six billion euro deadline june thirtieth , no developed country has ever missed a payment to the international monetary fund but the greek administration feels it's been backed into a corner many m. p. s. furious over terms that would cross so called red lines late dying by the series a parsi including pension cards and unpopular labor market reform or you may want to subdue to crush any resistance from the left anti bailout government against their policies of never ending austerity in europe , greece had the ability to make friday three hundred million euro payments prime minister alexis tsipras reassuring reporters on wednesday he would order it don't worry about everything yet his decision to delay the payment looks like a show of defiance , uh sir this is a sort of a bit of red meat for them %HESITATION but we still presume that in the end it's going to , presage a climb down , because the alternative remains , too costly to contemplate , then this may be another negotiating tactic but german chancellor angela merkel has warned that a deal is still a long way off , putting pressure on its creditors may ultimately prove to be counterproductive